— Events 2022 —

November 26-27: Exposition at RHV exposition in Hauwert (Noord Holland)

I will be exhibiting in Hauwert on November 26-27 2022, from 13 til 17. Fifteen artists will be exhibiting their work during two days. The exhibition will take place at the Runkhelsteiner Vernissage Hochburg, Hoge buurt, Hauwert 106, 1691EK, Hauwert (free entrance). I will show there some recent works, including paintings and new prints.

Art Amsterdam Spui Market

Spui is a place in the city center of Amsterdam where artists (painters, sculptors and others) exhibit their work, on every Sunday. Appointed as permanent participant to the market, you can visit me at the market where I exhibit regularly different works (oil paintings, watercolors, prints).

I will be on the market Sunday 25th of September 2022, from 11 til 18.

You can find more information about the market on the official website of the art Amsterdam Spui.

September 3, 2022 – Participation at the Haagse school dag – Noorden

I recently participated to the painting festival “de Haagse school dag”, in Noorden. Every year, the association of the School of the Haag invite 30 painters for a day to paint plein air in the village of Noorden (region of Utrecht, the Netherlands). All the paintings made during the day will be exhibited at the Galerie hoeve Rijlaasrdam, in Nieuwkoop, from 15 September until 6 November. For more information, you can visit the link to the page of the organizing association:

Haagse School Dag – Schilderen in de sfeer van de Nieuwkoopse Plassen (inaanbouw.net)


— Events 2021 —

First exposition at the Art Amsterdam Spui Market, Amsterdam

On the 17th of October 2021, I participated for the first time in the art market at Spui where I exhibited some of my paintings. It was a great experience to meet the many people who came to my stand. At the outcome of the market, I was happy to hear from the committee of the market that I was accepted as permanent participant on the market.

— Events 2019 —

Exposition Chapelle des Trois-Etots 2019, France